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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Bite the Rhino dot Com
I'm 33, married to mobiboros since May 5, 2001, and live in suburban Long Island/NY, but I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. We've closed on our first real Casa del Soto as of February 2005, and we've got a huge list of improvements to be made over time.

I have two cats, Lenore and Montresor. Lenore's the older -- we got her in March 2004 when she was 6 months old. We got Monty a year later -- April 2005, when he was 8 weeks old. They are both Ragdolls, which are very low dander, and incredibly sweet and friendly so far as cats go. In January 2009, we went up to 3 cats, adding Delilah who's not a ragdoll but a rescue from the NSAL.

We have had 2 children. Dante Alexander was born still on October 27, 2004. Dahlia Anastasia was born healthy and full term on April 29, 2006.

I am a member of the Illustrious House Three Skulls where I waste entirely too much of my free time with sewing, brewing my own mead and beer, and fighting in heavy weapons combat. Oh, right. I'm also a Sub-Chieftain of that particular clan of miscreants, and man-at-arms to Aedan MacTiernan.

I am the former Event Coordinator (fancy name for convention chair) of I-CON Science Fiction Convention. I've been involved with the con since spring 1996, where I started on the road sign crew. Nature does not abhor a vacuum. The universe is expanding and that's just fine. I-CON abhors a vacuum. Every time someone reaches escape velocity, someone underneath them gets sucked up like an eagle into a jet engine. I reached escape velocity in 2006.

I have my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from SUNY Stony Brook, specializing in Logic and analytical systems. Just what does one /do/ with a a BA in Philosophy? Anything you want. I'm professionally employed as a Linux Geek. Actually, now I'm the manager for the Linux Geek group at my place of employment.

I'm a fan of penguins, open source, peace, love and Linux. My PERL is sketchy at best, and I'm really much better at applications support than hardcore kernel tuning.

I also have a more than dabbling interest in role-play gaming, and tabletop wargaming. I like modern day tales of the occult, and Tyranids. I am a very hardcore Tigger fan, and have made it a lifestyle. I'm a Libra. I am bipolar. I am an expired NYS EMT-CC.

It was once said by the lovely and talented azyuna that, "Lisa is /fierce/. Lisa is so fierce she could bite the head off a live rhinoceros, if properly motivated". The rhino is not my totem; it is my adversary.

I have 7 tattoos. I've had and removed a variety of piercings. I like women. I like men. I believe in polyamory, even if I don't practice it. I believe in paganism, even if I don't practice it. I believe that all probabilities are 50% -- either something will happen, or it won't. I believe that you shouldn't read German philosophers whose last names begin with 'H'. I used to be a German Philosopher with a last name beginning with 'H'.

I think I keep this journal so that someday, in the far future, when someone cares to know what I thought, they can go back and look -- especially if that someone is me. You are welcome to read it, you are welcome to friend me if you let me know you're here and you think you can take it. Judgmental need not apply.
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