Nov. 13th, 2007

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There's 2 different bits of geek-directed hype going around the newswire recently.

First off, a first look at the non-existent "GPhone":

The interface looks shockingly like that of my shiny new iPhone. I can only hope that Apple starts offering Third Party App support soon. I mean, I get the basic data functionality that I want from it, though I miss the data push of my Blackberry. I also kinda miss having a dedicated email address specifically for my phone, such as I had with my Blackberry. It's not even that an essential app (other than chat) is really /missing/ from the phone, but I like the /option/ of adding more applications. So far, I'm not having tremendous love for the Webapps. They're functional, but I don't dig that they have to get into Safari first. I find it amusing that the icons shown in the Android demo are the same icons on my iPhone.

Oh yeah, late memo: I got an iPhone!!!

Secondly, the OLPC. What, you ask, is OLPC? Why, it's One Laptop Per Child! MIT has been developing these for awhile and they were supposed to come in at a $100 price break. It's a fascinating concept, actually. My geeky little heart has wanted one for quite some time, and I was thinking of all kinds of black market ways to acquire one. Now that they're having an offer to just /buy/ them, I'm not sure how I feel. They also came in at $200 each, instead of the original intended $100/each. Here's a link:

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